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I wanna create games, programs, music, computers. Currently I create music and play games.


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Posted by Blite33 - 4 days ago

Hey, I lied, I'm only going to upload when I finish songs, which will be rarer. I will also post more loop style things, but first I have to covert everything into the inferior mp3 format.



Posted by Blite33 - November 21st, 2021

Hey all!

I had some half finished projects that sounded ok, so I decided to post them.

I think I'm going to be publishing more half-finished projects for a while.

I'm excited to post more so people can see more of what I've been working on!

At some point I'm also going to go through some of my old songs and see if I can recreate them, because I lost those project files when I switched to linux. (I could have saved them, but I was too impatient and forgot.)



Posted by Blite33 - October 31st, 2021

I'm posting a bunch of shtuff, because it's basically all finished now. Not quite completely, but enough that I think people might wanna hear it.

The three newest tracks here are my new ones. Please listen and enjoy, and always give constructive feedback.




Posted by Blite33 - June 16th, 2021

OK it's been a very long time since I've posted anything.

I came to say I won't be doing Patreon anymore.

I didn't feel like there was any reason for it to be there.

I will start posting more music stuff as i have been creating,

just slowly.

It was a big hassle to create and export each different version, and upload them all seperately.

I got really tired of it so I stopped posting in total.

I don't think I will post very often anymore, because some of the music might be used in the future.


Posted by Blite33 - March 24th, 2021

Hey all!

I put up my patreon and realized I never posted here to say I did.

I have it set up here.

I have 3 active projects right now (emo 11, baitbit 3, oh no synth woah 4)

Emo 4 will be uploaded within a couple of days.

(Edit: Emo was already uploaded by the time I made this post)

I'm pretty lazy with keeping up as I just want to make music, but I'm forcing myself to get things out within periods of time.

Also, check out skawn.ca, I put kind of a placeholder there for a while, but I can't get redirects to work yet.

If I have more to say, I'll edit the post.

One last thing, I made some FL Studio tutorials on youtube, so if anyone wants to watch them they can here.

Thank you,


Posted by Blite33 - February 16th, 2021

Hey everyone!

I just kinda wanted to explain why I've not been posting.

Right now, I'm trying to get a Raspberry Pi (Computer) to host a mail server.

The goal of that, is so that I can sign up for patreon with my own custom email.

Then, I can create a page and start earning some money from my music.

The patreon I will be creating will have two tiers.

$1/mo: High quality of every Newgrounds track I release. (WAV)

$2/mo: + Producer version of the track (Basically an early version of each track so I can redo it and make better) which will also be high quality. (WAV)

I don't wanna ask for much, as I'm not a professional artist yet, I would just like to start earning my own income.

I'm still only 15 and allowance is my income.

I wanna save up for stuff and buy computer parts with my own money.

Anyways, I've been having trouble with the mail server on the Raspberry Pi, which is causing delay in everything.

I've been trying to sort it out, but it just doesn't wanna work.

So that's where I'm at. I'll be releasing more music when I get the mail server and patreon going.

Thanks for your time in listening.


Posted by Blite33 - January 30th, 2021

I made a song with the guy I was responding to.

I think we composed it in October 2020 or something.

It was all mixed by him, but I made the main structure and chords.


Posted by Blite33 - January 29th, 2021


I got a text from my friend micah, and he made a cool song that's techno: https://youtu.be/g6rxrKAv2QE

He said, "Ha ha, I do better techno" In his joking manner.

Which provoked my "ITS ONNNNNNNN!"

so i made a super slow but super cool song thanks for reading

(industrialization creeping)

Posted by Blite33 - January 28th, 2021

So, I've just uploaded my second song. I'm having trouble.

You see, I still don't know how FL Studio works that much. There are some sounds I hear in others' tracks that I can't seem to replicate. I've managed to get my melodies into tracks, but I don't know how to master or instrument things properly.

What I did for "right angle shape" is I just put in stuff that I felt was good, with no real structure. I struggle with no structure, cause then it means I can't get the song to last as long. I don't think that track is finished either.

There's so much work I need to do to get better at music with this program, or even just in general. I'm really frustrated.

One breakthrough I had was that I managed to change the sound of an instrument while it was playing. That's why "right angle shape" exists.

Last thing, I've just got my own website. I host it on my raspberry pi and I'd like for people to drop by and take a look. It's at "skawn.ca". You might be a little disappointed with the page design, but that's cause I've forgotten most of my html coding classes, and I need to relearn stuff.

Thanks for listening, hope to do more.


Posted by Blite33 - January 25th, 2021

I'm excited to start my newgrounds page. I'll be posting my music, and posting about games or tech things.